VINTAGE WOODS:  Locally Made in Colorado

Vintage Woods, Inc. produces all wood locally in Gypsum, Colorado, and unlike other sources of reclaimed wood, it is custom created to fit a variety of sizes and designs. The proprietary process is intentionally designed to transform the look of the wood as time passes. We are the only manufacturer in the country who offers our process and products. It’s the culmination of years of traditional finishing processes working together with the wood’s existing colors, tannins and textures to create something truly unique and beautiful.


Our line of heat-modified, custom-finished wood is heated up to 400 degrees, removing the sugars and restructuring the cells to make the final product insect-resistant, rot-resistant, and incredibly stable, which minimizes any cupping or shrinkage of the wood.

Heat Modified wood is ideal for many applications, both interior and exterior, where low maintenance and durability are desired. Our products can then be finished in one of our many Vintage Woods colors, or we can create a custom finish to match any décor! We currently offer the following wood species in the Heat Modified line: Spruce (both rustic and clear grain), Southern Yellow Pine, Hemlock (both flat and clear grain). For our Kiln Dried (KD) line, we offer Douglas Fir along with the above species. You also can choose your profile: Square Edge, TGS (for blind nailing), Shiplap, & T&G.

The natural characteristic of the wood keeps homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as providing exceptional safety standards for hazards such as earthquakes, high winds, and hail. Since new trees can be planted, harvested, and replanted, wood products are renewable and environmentally friendly. Our Heat Modified products offer a Class B fire rating. If you need a Class A rating, please see our Flame Repel line.

The custom, non-toxic sealer’s unique formula waterproofs by absorbing deeply into the surface to form a flexible polymer barrier, which becomes part of the cellular structure. This enhanced cellular structure helps prevent the effects of mold and mildew, dry rot, cracking, peeling, and cupping of wood.

Cedar siding vintage gray R
Cladding 3


Flame Repel, class A Fire-rated products, resist the spread of fire while exceeding both the California and WUI Fire Ratings. Flame Repel wood is treated with an environmentally safe, non-toxic formula, and pressure treated for fire resistance through the product’s useful life. The treatment process utilizes safe amounts of energy and water, and all the chemicals are recycled. All Class A fire-resistant wood products must undergo accelerated weathering tests to ensure the durability of the treated exterior.

Available in all of our beautiful finishes, Heat Modified materials look and act just like natural wood.


– Natural Wood
– Unique Tannin Finishes
– Insect and Rot Resistant
– Stable, will not cup
– Hail and Windproof
– Fire-Resistant Class A
– Environmentally Sustainable

Flame Repel Image


Spruce – rustic and clear

(Rustic – knots and visible grain pattern; Clear – no knots or visible grain pattern)

Our spruce product is the most versatile of our species. Known for its strength and durability, spruce has long been a standard in dimensional building lumber. Spruce lumber takes color well, machines nicely and often has small, dark, stable knots. We use a clear epoxy on the backside of all knots to ensure stability.  Available in our Kiln-Dried (KD) process and our Heat Modified (HM) process.

Hemlock – Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) and Flat Grain (FG)

Distinguished by its tight, straight growth rings, uniform color and lack of pitch or resin, clear vertical grain hemlock proves a wonderful option for a very clean consistent look. This lumber readily accepts color, mills well and grips nails and screws. The few knots that are present are small, dark and remain in place. With a clean and uniform look, vertical grain hemlock will complement any architectural application. Available in our Kiln-Dried (KD) process and our Heat Modified (HM) process.

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)

Known for its strength, durability, unique grain pattern, and lack of knots, SYP has unrivaled stability and color retention. Available in our Heat Modified (HM) process.

Douglas Fir – Timbers, Beam Wraps

Douglas fir is the standard in structural dimension lumber for both commercial and residential applications. Known for its strength, durability, dimensional stability and workability, Douglas fir is extremely versatile. The wood accepts color, mills, and holds fasteners well. A time-tested option for both structural or decorative trusses, rafters, braces, and all other building elements. We only offer green, air-dried, and free of center (heart) for timbers.

Ash Decking

Ash is extremely hard, durable, and resembles South American hardwoods without the environmental impact. HM ash is ideal for deck surfaces.


Spruce siding-medium driftwood S
SPF Vintage Black R

Vintage Woods is available in the following standard colors and is available in rough or smooth texture.

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